Dietary advice during pregnancy

We discovered an interesting trend in dietary advice. We advise women who are planning a pregnancy to see their GP and have a health check. But our results show that
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COVID-19 and pregnancy

The novel human coronavirus (COVID-19) is a public health emergency of global proportions…but what does it mean for you, your pregnancy and your baby?…what are the NEED TO KNOWS of
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Pregnancy supplements – a comparison

Which is best for you? When we are planning a baby – or are already pregnant – one of the first things that health professionals recommend is taking pregnancy supplements.
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full belly baby

Antenatal expressing

What is antenatal expressing? Antenatal expressing is the practice of hand expressing the early breastmilk (colostrum) before the birth of your baby. The colostrum is usually collected and stored in
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pregnancy weight

To weigh or not to weigh…

To weigh or not to weigh pregnant women… The question of whether to weigh pregnant women throughout pregnancy has been a sticking point in practice for decades. Initially, the routine
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Group B strep

Recently Queensland Health changed its policy on the dose of antibiotics given to women in labour. These changes affect women who have identified risk factors including Group B Strep and
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water birth

Waterbirth safety

“Babies born into water experienced fewer negative outcomes than babies born on land.“ Waterbirth safety is highest when: both you and your baby have no medical complications your midwife or
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COVID-19 and your birth plan

During the COVID-19 crisis, there has been lots of information about how to protect yourself and stay well (see our previous post). Social distancing and pressure on health systems will
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placenta pills

Eating your placenta (placentophagy)

Eating the placenta is common in mammals, however, no modern human culture incorporates this practice in its birthing traditions. Yet, consuming your placenta is becoming more popular, with some services
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antibiotics in labour

Antibiotics and your baby

Intrapartum antibiotics affect infant gut bacteria balance in caesarean and vaginal delivery. Antibiotics fight infection. They either kill bacteria or prevent them from reproducing and growing. Antibiotics can save lives and improve the health
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