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Preparing for Baby

Although preparing for baby is lots of fun and you want to prepare as best you can,  try to keep it simple and not buy too much. The reality is all your baby needs is somewhere to sleep, the clothes on their back and you. Hand-me-downs work well, as babies grow fast! It will not make any difference to your baby’s growth, development or happiness.

Below is a list of the clothes and accessories that you might need for the first few weeks:

Summer babies:

  • Singlets x 5 (on summer days your baby may be more comfortable in a singlet and nappy)
  • Short sleeve suits x 5
  • Socks x 3 pairs
  • Sun hat
  • Muslin or soft cotton (light) material wraps x 5
  • Burping towels (hand towels or tea towels) x 3
  • Cot/ bassinet sheets (for bassinet a pillowcase will usually fit, but as per SIDS recommendations, make sure it is well fitted).
  • Bath towels
  • CHUX cloths or washers (rinsed and cleaned as described above)

Winter Babies:

  • Long-sleeved & long-legged onesies with popper fastenings x5. Sizes may vary from country to country; however, in Australia, 0000 is the approximate size for a newborn, with 000 being ok for a larger baby and 00000 for a smaller sized baby.
  • Socks x 3 pairs
  • Vest/Singlet all in ones (with popper fasteners) x5
  • Cardigans or indoor jackets/jumpers x 3
  • Outdoor jacket (for snowy climates a parker, pants and boots may be required, as well as thermal under layers).
  • Warm hat
  • Pram/bassinet/cot sheets
  • Cellular blanket x 2
  • Bath towels
  • Burping towels (hand towels or tea towels) x 3
  • CHUX cloths or washers (rinsed and cleaned as described above)
  • Warmer cotton/flannelette-based wraps x 5

Also, you may want to have:

  • a cot (or crib or Moses basket for the first few months)
  • a baby bath – this is not a necessity. Many people find it easier to use the kitchen, bathroom or laundry sink.
  • a bowl for ‘topping and tailing’
  • a changing mat
  • nappy sacks (if you’re using disposable nappies)
  • a pram or buggy, or a comfortable sling or carrier (please remember to check the SIDs recommendations and do your research on what way is best for baby to be carried).
  • a car seat

Babies grow much faster than you’d think, outgrowing their first outfits quickly. Most will also outgrow their crib or bassinet between 3 to 6 months so keep that in mind when setting up their sleeping area.

Hints for prams:

Prams are not all-weather vehicles, and you will need to consider the climate you are taking your baby out into before embarking on any trip.

  1. A sun canopy or a parasol is useful in summer and essential when it’s very hot. Make sure your baby is always out of the direct sun. Please consider a bug mesh cover if you live in an area which is known for biting insects.
  2. Don’t let your baby overheat. If you leave her in the pram or pushchair when you come indoors, adjust baby’s coverings accordingly. You may need to add or remove blankets depending on the climate control you have in your house.
  3. Your baby will need one or two layers of lightweight blankets on top in cold weather, a waterproof rain cover and a sheet underneath. You will require more layers for a lightweight pushchair and if the weather is icy.
  4. A shopping tray or basket is handy. The ones that fix underneath are safer and won’t tip your pushchair over due to excess weight on top. You can also now purchase large caribbeana’s which allow you to hang your shopping around the pram.

Hints and tips for baby equipment:

  1. You may need a highchair – make sure it has a five-point safety harness, which meets your national safety standards.
  2. Less is usually more – stick with the basics and have some money left in the bank to buy things when you need them, rather than hoarding unused items.
  3. Never use a second-hand mattress for any of baby’s sleeping areas. A new one is always best for both hygiene and safety.
  4. Baby slings (front slings) can generally be used from birth, allowing you to carry your baby close while leaving your arms and hands-free. There’s also some evidence that it can assist with bonding.

Ergobaby produces a range of slings and carriers that enable you to carry your baby in a range of positions. They are also long-lasting, suitable for use from newborn babies to toddlers. To see their range, please click here.

Parenthood is a life-changing event bringing with it some significant changes. When preparing for baby remember there are lots of things to think about and prepare for – not just stocking up on nappies. The good news is that the most important thing your baby will need is you.

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Nikki-Lee Rossiter (BMid), Registered Midwife
Photo by Alena Ozerova, used under license from