Are you pregnant? It pays do do your own research.

Research and Evidence

When we know, you will.

Evidence-based practice and woman-centred care are the founding principles of midwifery practice. As such, the information provided on My Body, My Baby reflects the most up-to-date research and evidence about any particular aspect of your pregnancy and birth journey.

This is important, no doubt.

But what is more important is how we use this evidence in our practice and how you use this information to educate yourself. A woman who has done her homework and knows to ask her questions; who knows her rights, and the meaning of informed decisions and consent – those are the women that enable us – as midwives – to provide truly woman-centred care.

Standing with a woman and developing trust; backing her up when she’s vulnerable, is so much more effective when she has an idea of what she does and doesn’t want for herself and her baby……and in this case the saying is so true…..


Please take the time to undertake your own research and use the information to make sure than even in your most vulnerable state YOU are working from a position of power.

After all it is your body, and your baby.

There is much we still don’t know about pregnancy and birth. Studies are happening all over the world about different aspects of why things happen the way they do. Researchers are always looking for pregnant women and their families to participate in research, assisting us to get to the bottom of some of pregnancy’s outstanding questions. However, it can be difficult to access some women, particularly those most in need of improved outcomes.

Stay tuned for the launch of our research portal, where you can read about (and register for) current pregnancy research projects.

In the mean time, click the links below to see some of the results from the My Body My Baby Project…

Essential Mineral Intake During Pregnancy and Its Association With Maternal Health and Birth Outcomes in South East Queensland, Australia 

Use of micronutrient supplements in pregnant women of South‐East Queensland

Design, development, and evaluation of the Maternal Outcomes and Nutrition Tool (MONT).

The association between third trimester multivitamin/mineral supplements and gestational length in uncomplicated pregnancies.

Influence of dietary intake and decision-making during pregnancy on birth outcomes.